Apr 7 '13

Community Guidelines and Ratings System Updates


Hello again, Weasyl Community! Our staff has been listening to the feedback from our users since we opened up our site, and we’ve been hard at work improving many aspects of the site. Today we want to focus on the updates to our Community Guidelines and our Ratings Guidelines.

After receiving plenty of input from our users, we’ve decided to give our ratings system a major overhaul. In the past, the ratings were based solely on age with the intention of allowing users to designate their audience among adults, those 13 years and older, or the entire community. However, some users were concerned with not being able to differentiate sexual, 18+ content and content which is simply too mature for minors.

With these concerns in mind we have created a fourth category: Mature. The Mature category will contain content intended for adults 18+ that does not involve sexual themes, i.e. artistic nudes. The Explicit category will still be used for any 18+ content that does contain sexual themes. For more information on the ratings system please see our Ratings Guide.

Users will be given time to adjust the ratings of their items to fit the current ratings; our staff will also be working to rerate any submissions which are no longer accurate. If you find a submission that is not accurately rated, please report it to staff.  Please remember to also adjust your view settings to what most accurately describes the content you wish to see.

We’ve also been updating our Community Guidelines in order to clarify our site standards. Please be sure to read over the Community Guidelines to see all the updated information. You can view all the changes here marked in red and underlined for anyone having trouble seeing the color difference. We strongly encourage you all to take the time to review these changes in order to avoid any confusion or notices from staff.

Thank you again for the feedback and for helping us make the best site we can. If anyone has any feedback or questions about our Community Guidelines or Ratings Guide please tell us on our forums or email us at support@weasyl.com.

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