Feb 14 '13

Weasyl <3’s You

Happy Valentine’s Day everyone!


We have been overwhelmed by all the support and good will extended to us over the past year, especially once our closed beta had started. Our fans have been so helpful in spreading the word, offering ideas, and giving feedback and today, of all days, we wanted to extend our thanks with our own Valentine’s Day gift.

Today we are pleased to announce that we will be entering our “Open Beta” period, effective immediately! We will no longer be requiring invitations to register to the site and welcome anyone interested in making a new Weasyl account. This has been one of our many development goals and we are excited to open up our site to a larger user base and build a more robust artistic community.

Please note that this is still a beta period and we are continually updating and improving the site. Your help in identifying site issues is always appreciated and can be reported either on our forums or by emailing us at support@weasyl.com. Also be sure to review our Community Guidelines and Rating Guide before uploading to your new account.

We’re looking forward to seeing many new faces, so please, spread the word to anyone interested in a new Weasyl experience! And as always, please follow us on Tumblr and Twitter or join our forums to keep up-to-date on all things Weasyl, or give us your input on what you’d like to see from the site in the future.

Thank you again everyone, for all your support and welcome to all our new members coming to Weasyl for the first time! We look forward to you joining us in our journey towards a bigger, better, art community.

Artwork by: Fiz

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    YES! OPEN BETA! Now you don’t have to wait for invitations, go and sign up for teh awesome Weasyl experience. YAY!
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    guys weasyl’s great sign up for one if you haven’t yet
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    this amazing art site is open for public registration~*~*~*